Three Holidays Marred by Murder of Los Angeles Wife, Mother

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Anthony Guyton and Tynisa Guyton were returning home from Anthonys birthday party when someone shot nearly two dozen bullets at them striking Tynisa fatally.

Anthony Guyton and Tynisa Guyton

Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger

In a killing that will forever mar two birthdays and a wedding anniversary, a mother of three children in Los Angeles was gunned down in front of her husband after returning home from his birthday celebration, according to published reports.

Tynisa Guyton was shot dead, according to the Los Angeles Times, as she and her husband, Anthony Guyton, were returning home around 12:30 a.m.

“Me and my wife were just going in the house and two guys rolled up and started shooting at us for no reason,” Guyton said.

Reports said the couple tried to seek shelter inside their home, but according to Guyton, the shooters followed them into their front yard and shot into the house in a hail of nearly two dozen bullets that Guyton said he heard.

Tynisa Guyton was hit in her upper torso. She died at the scene. A motive for the crime is unknown at this time.

Just weeks prior to the fatal shooting, Anthony and Tynisa celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. One of the couple’s children, an eight-year-old daughter, had a birthday party of her own scheduled the day her mother was killed.

Instead of planning a birthday party, this family was forced to begin planning a funeral.

“My wife was a beautiful person,” Guyton said. “I just lost my best friend. She’s gone. Just like an empty hole in my heart. My kids just lost their mother. I have no explanation for that. None whatsoever.”

Investigators said the only information being released is that they fled the scene in a dark sedan, according to local news reports. But deputies ask that anyone with information concerning the case call the Sheriff’s Department homicide bureau at (323) 890-5500. All tips can be made anonymously.


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