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Thieves Steal Car With 2-Year-Old Girl In It While Dad Pays For Gas

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New Orleans thieves steal a vehicle containing a two year old girl in the back seat. They kicked her out of the seat and left her walking in the rain.


Reported by Kacie Whaley

The New Orleans Police Department is looking for two men who stole a black Infinity G35 containing a two-year-old in the back seat and a .40-caliber handgun.

On Wednesday night, a New Orleans man pulled up to a gas station in Central City.  He was driving alongside a friend in a separate vehicle.  According to NOLA News, the man left his keys in the vehicle, his headlights on, and his two-year-old daughter in the back seat while he went to pay for his gas.  While he was gone, a red Chrysler PT Cruiser pulled up.  The driver immediately got out of the car and sat in the driver’s seat of the Infinity and drove off.  The passenger got into the driver’s seat of the PT Cruiser and followed behind the stolen Infinity.

The toddler was found 20 minutes later by a passerby two miles from the gas station wandering the sidewalk in the rain.  She was taken to the NOPD’s 1st District substation where she reunited with her father.  She had no injuries.

Thursday evening, NOPD 6th District Commander Robert Bardy informed the public that the red PT Cruiser involved in the carjacking was also believed to be stolen.  He said that the car fit the description of a car that was reported stolen Tuesday night, which was also left unattended with the key in the vehicle.

Police said the two thieves are wanted for auto theft and simple kidnapping, which could get them a combined 15 years in prison.

There is footage of the incident, and the NOPD are asking if anyone can identify the suspects shown in the video of the carjacking.  They are also offering a cash reward of up to $2,500 for information that can lead to an arrest.

Watch the video of the crime here.