The R Kelly debacle: What do you do if your daughter wants to be a boy?

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The singer R. Kelly is being criticized for yet another incident involving an underage girl.  This girl happens to be his daughter, and it’s not the kind of accusation that he has faced in the past.  In this case, Kelly is being criticized for refusing to accept his daughter’s decision to change her gender.

Kelly’s daughter Jaya no longer wants to be a girl.  The 14-year old made the decision to live her life as a boy and is now asking that her parents and friends refer to her as “Jay.”  R. Kelly says that he is not interested in seeing his daughter turn herself into his son.  According to TMZ, he still refers to the young woman as Jaya and not Jay.  She is still a woman because she hasn’t had gender reassignment surgery.

Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s ex-wife, says that referring to the young woman as Jaya is insulting.  “That’s like calling him [R. Kelly] a background singer, not the king of R&B,” she said.

Is R. Kelly really the king of R&B?  Wasn’t that true back in 2005?

Andrea made headlines herself after divorcing her new husband Brian McKee after just two months over text messages he sent to other women.  So, it seems that a lot of members of the family are reversing their lives in short order.

Please tell us – should a 14-year old have the right to decide her gender at such an early age?  Does a 14-year old know enough about herself to even know how she wants to live the rest of her life, or could this be a phase she’s going through?  Is Jaya/Jay a boy or a girl?  You tell us.