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The professor who was slammed by police: Was it justified?

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In this video, criminologist Dr Chenelle Jones and Dr. Boyce Watkins discuss the arrest of Professor Ersula Ore at Arizona State University.  Dr. Ore was stopped by campus police for jaywalking and nearly hit by a patrol car.  After exchanging words with the police, Dr. Ore was slammed to the ground and left exposed.

In response to what had just happened to her, Dr. Ore kicked the officer in his shin, leading to a charge of assaulting a police officer.  The charges have led to controversy and a petition demanding that Dr. Ore be exonerated from all charges against her.  The incident occurred back on May 21st, but it has gained momentum after Dr. Ore has been assertive in pushing her case before the public.

But was Dr. Ore wrong?  What about the police officer?  Dr. Chenelle Jones is both a black female professor and an expert on the criminal justice system.  She says that the officer was certainly in the wrong, and that he should have reacted to the situation differently.  She also says that the charges should be dropped, since the world is not better off with a black female professor in prison.

However, Dr. Jones says that Dr. Ore is not without accountability, since there are ways that a person should deal with police while avoiding the chance for a confrontation.  Her reaction to the officer stopping her and her decision to retaliate is the kind of thing that could put a person in danger if they are stopped by police.  She also says that Dr. Ore’s university could have done a better job of investigating the situation and standing by their faculty member, at least until the situation gained some clarity.

Dr. Jones recently wrote an article called “10 Tips for interacting with the police.”  She says that if you deal with interactions with police in the right way, you can avoid being harmed by officers, who always have the power when you’re dealing with them in one-on-one situations.  She has a lot of other interesting and insightful things to say about the case, which is being discussed across the country.

The video conversation is below.