The Amazing Benefits of Learning Music

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By: Krystle Crossman

There are quite a few schools that are doing away with arts and music programs because they do not have the funding to keep them running or they do not feel that they are important enough to have around. Unfortunately there are so many benefits to music and arts programs that the students in those schools will not get to see.

1. When a child learns how to listen to music and decode the different notes and sounds they are better able to decode language as well. Younger children especially have a much easier time learning language when they are taught about music at a young age. It helps them to recognize the sounds of letters and words and helps them to form these sounds much easier.

2. Introducing a child to music at a young age will help them to learn how to play and instrument or sing.
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This can be a valuable skill later down the road, especially if they practice.

3. Research has shown that the brains of those who are introduced to music have more neural responses than those who do not learn about music. This means that their brain works a little harder than others.

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