Tamron Hall wears her natural hair on The Today Show and looks stunning

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by Afiya J. Watkins


Today Show anchor, Tamron Hall is a very striking woman who always looks amazing, so it’s no surprise that her new hairstyle would garner lots of attention. She recently debuted her natural tresses on air for the first time ever. When she bravely walked out in front of the Today Show cameras on Friday rocking a well-coiffed baby afro, it signaled perhaps the first time an anchor for the morning program has refused to be relegated to European standards of beauty; standards that have been at the root of pain, insecurity and a lack of self-acceptance for many women of color.

When Tamron wore her natural hair on air, it was a symbolic moment, whether she intended for it to be or not. She essentially sent a message to the world that she loves and accepts herself in her natural form, and that she looks just as beautiful, if not more so without having to adopt unnatural processes and techniques to alter herself. She has sacrificed nothing in her appearance, and looks as stylish as ever.

“It looks great,” said Al Roker, and her colleagues aren’t the only ones loving her new do. Apparently, many viewers think she’s hιt a style home run as well. “Every two seconds, there’s a whole thing about your hair, what you’re wearing. You rock,” said Carson Daly, referencing the chatter on #OrangeRoom.

It’s encouraging to note that with so much discussion about black women (and even children) with natural hairstyles being the focus of media attention lately, the response to Hall has been overwhelmingly positive and accepting. Hopefully, this will help other professional women of color to realize that they don’t necessarily have to wear weaves or endure harsh chemical processes to be deemed attractive and presentable in the workplace. This is a message that seems to be catching on, and for her part, Tamron is helping to perpetuate that acceptance in the mainstream. For that, we applaud Hall.

And yes, both she and her hair rock.