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Study: Women Prefer Taller Men When Choosing a Mate

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Reported by Ree, “The (Ree)lationship Guide”

A small study funded by Rice University affirms what many people have been assuming for decades: Women are more attracted to men who are taller than them. The study, which was published in the Journal of Family Issues, finds that the primary reasons why females cited preferring a tall partner are for matters of protection and femininity.

Men, on the other hand, seemed far less concerned about their partner’s height. The results from the study show that men were much less likely to say that the height of their significant other matters, and for those who did express interest in a potential partner’s height, they preferred shorter women, but not so short that it would cause problem with physical intimacy (think Shaq and Hoopz).

George Yancey, who is the lead author of the study and professor of sociology at the University of North Texas, believes that the height preferences of men and women can be explained by traditional societal expectations and gender stereotypes. He notes that it is a widespread perception that tall height is a personal asset for men and a personal liability for women. According to Yancey, the study’s findings that height matters more to women supports the social system of patriarchy, in which males are the primary authority figures.

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