“Stop Attαcking Me,” Shouts Scandal Plagued Ohio Mayor at Reporter

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A local reporter was trying to get to the bottom of a story involving Richmond, Heights OH mayor_headenMayor Miesha Headen when Headen turned the tables and proclaimed herself the victim.

In the video, reporter Sarah Horn was attempting to get to ask questions surrounding one of Headen’s staffers who is wanted on theft and forgery charges, but instead of answering the reporter’s questions, Headen told the reporter, “Excuse me, ma’am, do not attαck me.”

While trying to get the camera out of her face, Headen mistakenly hιt it, but quickly apologized.

“I apologize, by the way, for touching your camera,” Headen said. “We are committed to transparency.”

Things have gotten so bad for Headen that the Editorial Board at has called on her to resign over incompetence.

“In Nixonian fashion, Headen has fired key city staff members with little explanation. That includes the finance director, the interim finance director, the law director, the prosecutor and a finance clerk,” read the scathing editorial. “At the same time she has created a host of municipal job openings, Headen has cast doubt on her ability to hire good employees: Her new assistant, Brandye Mells, who has two criminal cases for attempted forgery and theft in Toledo. Mells has been suspended,” the report continued.

The editorial was written after Headen’s run-in with the reporter, which probably didn’t help her case with voters.

Although Headen says she’s working for the best interest of the city, others say firing the employees in such a fashion exposes the city to millions of dollars in lawsuits.