Seattle Deputy Arrested for Allegedly Pimping Out His Wife

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A Seattle deputy was arrested for allegedly helping his wife work as a prοstitute.

Darrion Keith Holiwell, a member of the King County SWAT team, was arrested on charges of Holiwellsecond-degree promoting prοstitution, first degree theft and one count of viοlation of the uniform controlled substance act, reports

Holiwell, 49, has been with King County SWAT almost 20 years and is also an instructor at the sheriff’s office.

King County Sheriff John Urquhart alleges that Holiwell forced his wife to become a prοstitute and physically abυsed her. Urquhart also claims Holiwell took as much as 80 percent of the money his wife made from the escorting service he master minded.

In addition to the escort scheme, Holiwell is also alleged to have stolen $45,000 worth of brass and bullets from the county gun range and sold them to private gun ranges.

Holiwell is also under investigation for distributing steroids as well.

“What we’re dealing here is police corruption. Yeah, it’s Seattle style. We’re not talking L.A. or back east or anything like that, but to a certain extent, it is police corruption,” said Urquhart.

Urquhart then said that this incident cast the entire department in a negative light.

“We still have to do more investigation,” he said on Thursday. “What I don’t know is how far up the chain it went.”

In court papers Holiwell’s wife said he “pulled his gun on me” and would “put me in a chοke hold” or “pushed my face into the bed where I couldn’t breathe.”  She also said that many of the incidents occurred while he was on cocaine and he was  “especially viοlent while he is on a steroid cycle.”

Holiwell’s bail has been set at $150,000.