Rapper The Game Takes On Surrogate Daughter From a Broken Family

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Rapper The Game steps up and plays dad for a girl named Madison who does not have a stable father figure. www.naturallymoi.com

Image of The Game with his children

Reported by Kacie Whaley

This past Father’s Day, rapper The Game, aka Jayceon Taylor, posted a photograph on Instagram of him, his children, and Madison — a little girl who no one had seen before.  Gossip blogs quickly assumed that the unknown face was Game’s ‘secret child,’ perhaps even an ‘on-break baby.’  His ex-wife, Tiffney Cambridge responded to the rumors via Necole B*tchie.

Madison is not Jayceon’s biological daughter. Madison is a little girl who plays basketball with this new basketball team that Jayceon threw together for the summer. And she happens to be one of the new girls who plays on the basketball team. And it’s my understanding that she comes from a situation where there is not a father in the home. And she has several other siblings and may not be getting the attention she needs at her home.

Game took to Twitter to explain that Madison is, in fact, his newest child.

She is my daughter !!! I am her FATHER !!! Doesn’t matter if I am biologically her father or if I adopted her or if a father figure was absent in her life the last 9 years of it or not.

Well, now the man who had supposedly been absent from Madison’s life has surfaced with family photos of his own.  According to EurWeb, the girl’s father, Mike, has created his own Instagram account, @Madison_Mike, and has posted a picture of himself, Madison, and other family members.  The caption reads “My son jeremiah my daughter Madison my mother and me. Santa Monica.”

Could Mike be suddenly posting pictures with him and Madison to put up a front that he is not the deadbeat father that his is rumored to be?  Or perhaps he is more involved in his children’s lives than Game claimed?  Either way, Cambridge said that she suspects one reason why Game is so adamant to show Madison off to the public: “I think a lot of times Jayceon likes to do things for shock value…that’s part of who he is. He is a showman,” she said. “And I think that sometimes, majority of the time, he may speak without really thinking.”

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  1. ericaf

    June 29, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Some things are better left private.

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