R. Kelly’s daughter is now a boy

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R. Kelly’s daughter Jaya hasn’t had much to do with her father.  This is not an uncommon fate for many black children these days, particularly in the city of Chicago.  Now Jaya has grown up, and is appearing in blogs as a 14-year old, but not as the pretty little girl that she once was.

Now, Jaya has reportedly decided that she just wants to be known as Jay.  The child also doesn’t want to be pretty anymore, she would prefer to be handsome.   She is part of the latest trend in the “Transguy” culture, where young people are choosing to claim whatever gender they identify with the most.

The only reference we could find on what it means to be a trans guy is wikipedia, which gives this definition -“A trans man (also trans-man or transman) is a female-to-male (FtM) transgender or transsexual person. A trans man is assigned female at birth, but identifies as male.”


Jay doesn’t appear to have gotten any form of gender reassignment surgery, but does seem comfortable with her new identity.  Her mother Andrea has been getting a lot of buzz for her own confused personal life, which is on display on reality TV.   Andrea divorced her new husband Brian McKee after just two months of marriage, so it doesn’t seem that she keeps a very stable household.  Not that any of this is the reason that Jaya has become Jay, but kids are certainly affected by the way they are being raised and looked after.

Jay has two siblings that came out of the marriage that his parents shared for many years.  Robert Kelly Jr. and Joan Kelly are two children who also came out of the marriage, but their profiles aren’t as public as their parents or their “brother” Jay.  Seriously, should we refer to Jay as their sister or their brother?  Please give us your opinion.  We want to make sure we’re respectful to Jay’s transition into adulthood.


Jay’s father has also seen no shortage of controversy in his own life, with several women coming forward claiming that he was sleeping with underage girls during the duration of his marriage to Andrea.   One woman’s story, told to Essence Magazine, was so graphic and detailed that it made many people second-guess his innocence, if they believed it at all.

So, we just hope that the children were kept safe from their parents, who seem to have issues of their own.   But what marriages don’t have issues?  Celebrity relationships are even more complicated than the rest.

Tell us fam – do you think that Jay’s transition was a natural one, or do you feel that it was influenced by the instability in her household?  If she’d (he’d) had normal parents, would this child feel the need to make this transition, or is there nothing anyone can do about it?