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Mona Scott could be in big trouble for cover Stevie J’s million dollar child support debt

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” executive producer, Mona Scott-Young might be in hot water for getting involved in the child support issues of Stevie J, the show’s star.

It all began when, during the previous week, Stevie J was arrested for failing to pay more than a million dollars he owed one of his “baby mamas”, Carol Antoinette Bennett, in unpaid child support. He was bailed out, almost immediately, by Scott-Young and that act might have landed her in serious trouble.

Mona Scott-Young is now facing accusations that she lied about Stevie J’s financials so that she could help him avoid having to fulfill his child support obligations. In April, she was subpoenaed with a host of other big names in the entertainment industry that included Joseline Hernandez, Raymond “Benzino” Scott, Sony Music Group, Viacom, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, The Kompany and Monami Entertainment. They faced inquiries by Project Child Support to find out the exact status of Stevie J’s finances so he could start clearing his debt.

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