Mom Receives Suspicious Letters About Her Daughters, Police Launch Investigation

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A Gary IN mom received a strange letter in the mail from an unknown person saying that her daughters are lovely and they almost got them.

Concerned Mom

Reported by Krystle Crossman

A Gary, IN mother is shaken after receiving random letters in the mail that appear to be geared towards her children. She went to pick up the mail one day and found a letter in her mailbox that read “You have two lovely daughters. I and my friend have watched them ever since they moved in.” The letter is in reference to her two oldest daughters. They had just moved into the house two short months before she received the eery letter.

The letter, approximately 60 words, continues discussing her daughters. It ended with, “[We] almost had them on Thursday evening, will keep trying…Thank you!” The chilling letter did not contain a signature and was left in her mailbox at her home. It was post marked for June 6th. She just got the letter on Saturday. The concerned mom is now afraid to let her daughters outside. The police are looking carefully into the matter.

This week, a few thousand miles away in Maine, similar letters were being sent to houses in Kennebunk that stated “I will not stay away from your kids” and were signed with “Your friend, Pervert.” On the morning of Wednesday, June 11, 39-year-old Robert Simkowitz was arrested in connection with the letters. Surveillance video showed him putting something into the mailbox at a home around the same time as one of the letters had been discovered. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal threatening.

Hopefully the police in Gary, IN will be able to help the distraught mother find out whether the letters are a hoax and also who is behind them. One can only imagine how terrible it must feel to know someone is threatening your family and there are no clues as to who is doing it or where they may be.

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