Man Had Pregnant Ex Kidnapped, Set On Fire, And Shot to Avoid Having Another Baby

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Jamal Rogers had his friend Antonio Mathis kidnap shoot and set ablaze his third babys mother.

Jamal Rogers

Reported by Krystle Crossman

LaTonya Bowman of Detroit was pregnant and excited to give birth. In an attempt to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend/child’s father, she went with him to dinner and a movie on May 24. When the twosome returned to the ex-boyfriend’s mother’s house, Bowman, 22,was trying to fix a car seat that was in the back of her vehicle. That’s when someone came up to her and pointed a gun at her head. He duct-taped her hands, mouth, and eyes. He drove her to Detroit’s east side, doused her in lighter fluid, and set her on fire. She escaped from the back of the vehicle while engulfed in flames and tried rolling on the ground to put the flames out. The suspect shot her while she was rolling around. She knew that he would shoot again if she didn’t play dead, so she lay motionless on the ground, burning, until the assailant, 22-year-old Antonio Mathis, took off. After she’d put the flames out, Bowman went to a nearby gas station for help.

The Warren Police Deputy Commissioner Louis Galasso said this is one of the worst cases that he had seen in a long tim. Galasso reveres Bowman as a hero for being smart and having the will to live and keep her unborn child alive. While the motive for Mathis’ heinous crime still has yet to be discovered, police are speculating that it was because the baby’s father, Jamal Rogers, 22, did not want to have a third child by a third woman and was very upset about the pregnancy. Police believe that Mathis and Rogers had been planning the attack for quite some time.

Bowman gave birth to her son on May 29th. Rogers and Mathis were arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder, kidnapping, and conspiring to commit first degree murder.