Is Expeditionary Learning The Answer To Failure In Schools?

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By Nigel Boys

According to Andri Antoniades, journalist and medical writer, in an article on, one solution to the problems that public schools are now facing in the U.S. could be to take the approach that Expeditionary Learning. This approach is teaching students things that will be of use to them in later life.

The Bay Area native goes on to write that, since its beginning in 1992, when former President George H.W. Bush selected the program to be part of his “America 2000” education initiative, the Expeditionary Learning system has grown to encompass over 165 schools in 31 states across the country.

The program, which includes teaching students project based learning, in other words, asking them to solve problems that they would find in their own communities, has had remarkable success, according to Cheryl Dobbertin, director of professional development for Expeditionary Learning.

Dobbertin goes on to say that the aim of the program is to encourage children to learn to solve problems that they might face later in life and allow them to have fun and adventure while doing so.

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