Is a Man Who Stays at Home With His Kids Lazy?

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A man outlines how he was changed into a stay at home dad.


Reported by Krystle Crossman

Generally when you think of a parent staying home with the kids, many people assume the mother is the stay-at-home parent while the husband works. That used to be the norm, but now there is a new growing trend of stay-at-home fathers. These fathers are sometimes told that they are lazy or are criticized for not going to work and letting the wife work.

Stay-at-home father Jeffrey Faulkerson made the decision to stay with his children when his wife had their last child. He wanted to play a very important role in the children’s lives and spend as much time as possible with them. He and his wife sat down and had a conversation about what would be best for their family. They decided that since his wife worked for the government and made more money than he did, he would be the one to stay at home.

Unfortunately, there are gender stereotypes that still linger. Fathers that stay at home are sometimes viewed as men who don’t feel like providing for their family. This could not be farther from the truth. There is no written rule that states that the mother is the one that needs to stay home with children and the father is the one who works. What is the difference between a mother staying home as opposed to the father? Will the child learn more if his mother is around? Perhaps, but it won’t be because of her gender. It will be because of that parent’s teaching style.

Fathers in the home is a great way for the children to become closer and form more attachments with them that they may not be able to form otherwise. While this, of course, is not possible for some families due to income, it is definitely something that is worth it to look into.