How to Turn Your Child’s Boredom Into Innovation

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By: Krystle Crossman

The school year is over. Your children are at home and they are complaining. They aren’t complaining about the weather, or about hunger, or even being sick. They are complaining because they are bored. How many times have you heard this in the short time that school has been done? It is time to let them know what boredom really means and how they can turn it into a positive experience.

There were days long ago when video games didn’t exist. There was no such thing as a tablet. Computers were clunky desktops with mediocre games. Your children will not remember such a time as they have been born into the age of electronics. Everything is digital. Unfortunately this limits their creativity. If all they want to do is stare at a screen all day their imaginative nature goes out the window. They need to know that every now and then they need to be bored and need to turn it into something positive.

When your child comes to you and complains that they are bored, hand them a pen and paper and tell them that it’s time to get creative. They have the luxury of having all of this free time to be as imaginative as they want with a lot of toys at their disposal. They could read a book. They could build with Legos. They can recreate battle scenes with their action figures or play out fairytale love stories with their Barbies. There are arts and crafts that are just waiting to be made. This is a time when they can come up with amazing ideas and new innovative thoughts.

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