How To Help Kids Adjust During Tough Financial Times

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By: Krystle Crossman

Change can be a scary thing for children. This is especially true when the changes are really big. It can be anything from a parent losing their job to a move. Most times children like routine and once it is disturbed they can have some trouble adjusting. As a parent there are ways that you can help them through these difficult times and help them to see that everything will be okay. Try these steps before you may any big changes to ease your children into it:

1. Make a simple routine that can be followed anytime and anywhere. This can be anything from reading a book before they go to bed to having quiet time after lunch. Keep these routines going so that they have something that is normal every day.

2. If there is a change that disrupts the routines that you normal go through, change the routines to make a new “normal”. For example if you worked nights before and were able to greet your children with breakfast every morning and suddenly you were switched to a day shift, make a new tradition. Now you can tuck them into bed every night and read them a story.

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