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How Beyonce got rich and stays that way

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

People may say a lot of things about the “Drunk in Love” singer, Beyoncé. Her body movement, when she’s in mid-swing, causes irregular heartbeats, to say the least. Her beauty is seductive and she knows how to use it to her advantage. Some do not like her for the sensual values that she projects and what it could do to young minds. But, nobody can say that she doesn’t have her head screwed on right when it comes to finances.

In times when it is quite common to hear entertainers rising to the top at unbelievable speed and plummeting downwards at an even faster rate, Beyoncé has managed to go from wealth to more wealth each year.

Although she does make the large portion of her money directly from sales of her works, Beyoncé makes sure that her money comes in from multiple sources. And it’s not just the in-flow that she keeps an eye on – out-flow too is closely monitored to curb economic waste.

READ MORE via Financial Juneteenth | How Beyonce got rich and stays that way.


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