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HIV-Positive Couple has 3 Healthy Kids: Here’s how they did it

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When two people are both infected with the HIV virus, most of us wouldn’t expect that couple to be able to bear healthy children. But medicine is not as simple as we think, and there are breakthroughs occurring every day.


Hubert and Jeanne Mwangaza are both HIV-positive and have been that way since they were married many years ago. According to The Huffington Post, the couple has also had three children, all of them free from HIV.


The couple’s commitment to one another is part of what has driven their health outcomes.   The couple’s closeness is characterized by the father’s involvement in his wife’s prenatal care to ensure that the virus was not transmitted from mother to child.

According to the article, research is showing that male involvement in the birthing of a child can be critical to the child’s health:

In a study conducted between 1999 and 2005, services that promoted male partner involvement in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV reduced the risks of conveyance by 40 percent when compared to no involvement from male partners, as Aidsmap reported. The study noted that attentive, supportive fathers may be an untapped resource in HIV-transmission prevention in underserved regions of the world.

“Fathers, and supportive partners, cannot be underestimated in the effort to eliminate HIV transmission from mothers to their babies,” Dr. Chewe Luo, UNICEF Senior HIV and AIDS Advisor, said in a statement.

“I was afraid when I had my first daughter,” Hubert said in a statement. “But with her and my second born, I gained hope and became sure that if we continue following the advice we were given, it’s going to be OK and my child will be born HIV-free.”


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