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Have we given up on black children having two parents at home?

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

The Black Women Film Festival has revealed a shocking fact: As of 2013, 72 percent of African American children are born to single mothers.

This sobering statistic is the primary topic that will be explored in an upcoming documentary film. Entitled “72%“, it was screened during the festival that was held on June 13th.  The film takes a hard look at the single parent crisis in the black community and asks whether or not black people are even trying to have both parents around for their kids in the household.

Although there wasn’t much inspiration coming from “72%” it did lead to a positive outcome. The attendees of the festival were encouraged to take a deeper look into the single motherhood epidemic that was spreading in the black community.  They were even working to find a solution.

After the screening of the documentary from Moguldom Studios, the Deputy Editor of MadameNoire, Brande Victorian, hosted a question and answer session on the topic. She says that people are now choosing to have children before settling down for marriage. As a result, it’s become more difficult to address the issue.

She also said that it all came down to the actuality of women valuing the role of fathers in their lives and that of their children, and men valuing themselves as important members of the family.

What do you think?  Do black people even want their children to have two parents at home, or as the idea become old-fashioned?

You can see the “72%” trailer here.