Gabrielle Union is Telling Every Secret She knows About Beauty

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Classic beauty and sex symbol Gabrielle Union is known for her amazing talent and striking beauty. She can be seen in movies like Bring It On, Bad Boys, Daddy’s Little Girls and most recently ‘Think Like a Man 2.’

She has been added to many lists that revere her as one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars and seems to only get more beautiful with age. Millions of women around the world watch Union wondering how she maintains her beauty and want to know the secrets to staying gorgeous. Lucky for us Union is talking!

Recently, Union was a guest on ‘Virginia This Morning’ where she was asked how she maintains her youthful look. She shared these three important tips.

Maintain a great smile

“Your smile is the first thing people see” say’s Union. Maintaining a bright smile is the beauty tip at the top of her list. The star says she cleans her pearly whites with Phillips Sonicare Diamond toothbrush. “It’s like the Rolls Royce of toothbrushes.” She compares the experience to getting a fresh cleaning at the dentist and feels as if it significantly tributes to her bright smile. Gabrielle also states that she visits her dentist for a Phillips “Zoom” whitening treatment every so often. “It’s done in 45 minutes, you can do it on you lunch break.
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