First Lady Michelle Obama’s Close Ties to IL May Indicate Senate Run In 2016

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A poll shows that if Michelle Obama runs for Senate in 2016 she will win.


Reported by April Taylor

A recent Reuter’s blog has called attention to Michelle Obama’s recent uncharacteristic foray into what it calls “the Washington political mud.”  She has been particularly involved with defending her school lunch program, calling Republicans out about attempting to “play politics with out kids’ health.”  This bolder approach has many wondering if she is considering pursuing her own political ambitions.

In Obama’s current home state of Illinois, Republican senator Mark Kirk is up for reelection in 2016.  Although Kirk is considered a formidable opponent, a Public Policy Polling survey conducted in December 2012 found that Obama could possibly win in a race against Kirk.  Respondents chose her over Kirk with the First Lady earning 51 percent of votes to his 40 percent.

During her husband’s presidential campaigns, Michelle has unabashedly talked about her feeling that the battle between Republicans and Democrats is, in essence, a struggle for the soul of the nation.  She has also made it clear that she believes that the government is a tool that citizens can use to help transform each others lives.

Some feel that the role of senator suits Obama better than other political roles such as governor or mayor because she would have the opportunity to express her opinion and vote on issues without having to take on management or other executive responsibilities.

The fact that the Obama’s departed from the tradition of previous first families and kept their house in Chicago has made some wonder if there are political reasons.  Both of the previous two First Families gave up their previous homes when they moved to the White House.  The Obama’s have continued to vote in Illinois, and Michelle has continued to make public appearances  around the state.

The First Lady’s press office has not officially responded to requests for comments about whether or not Michelle will run for the Senate in 2016.