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Famed actress Lilly Tomlin says Beyonce is selling sexx to 10-year olds

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Actress Lily Tomlin has shared her thoughts on singer Beyoncé. She was talking on an interview with PrideSource and when asked about what she thought of the “Drunk in Love” singer as a modern day feminist, Tomlin said that Beyoncé was, in her opinion, “selling sex.”

“She is a pretty popular woman and she’s married to a very powerful man,” Tomlin, 74, said, “but she’s still selling sex. She’s selling a lot of sex to teeny-boppers.”

She added that Beyoncé is part of a culture that is pushing young girls to be “too sexually available.”

When the interviewer reminded her that Beyoncé might find her comments offensive, Tomlin quickly replied, “Oh, shit. I like her! I don’t dislike her! But I don’t pay any attention to that because, I mean, she’s fantastically beautiful and dances. But, you know, it’s very suggestive. If I was a 10-year-old, I would try to emulate her like most 10-year-olds do.”

Tomlin then went on to say that it wasn’t only the singer that should be held accountable but modern society in general which, she said, had become sexualized with girls and women.

“I shouldn’t even talk about Beyoncé because, hard as it is to believe and as much as she is present in the culture, I’m not terribly conversant with Beyoncé. If you played her songs, I wouldn’t necessarily recognize them. I’m familiar with her image and how incredibly vivacious and sexual she is to watch, so I just chalk it up to the culture,” Tomlin said.

Tomlin, perhaps trying to lighten the mood or even try to take a jibe at the Solange and Jay Z elevator incident, then went on to say, “You’re gonna put words in my mouth! The whole Beyoncé thing is gonna come after me. They’ll send Solange after me. I’ll be in the elevator and they’ll beat the hell out of me.”