Dove Offers Patch To Make Women Feel Pretty

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Do you think you’re beautiful?

According to research, 8/10 women do not see themselves as beautiful. As a result, they wear tons of makeup,work out until they can see their rib cage, not to mention plastic surgery has become a normal conversation.

Dove, launched a new promotional video for  their new beauty patch “RB-X Beauty Patch”. Dove is known for their their skincare items, lotions, beauty bars and campaigns that encourage women to embrace their beauty in every form and shape. The company constantly conducts studies that relate to women/self image, esteem and acceptance. For Dove, the RB-X Beauty Patch just may be the answer.

The patch works very similar to a nicotine patch. The user applies the patch to their arm and over a course of time the ingredients are released into your body. Dove claims that the effects are self confidence. The purpose is to help women accept themselves, live happier and more carefree lives.

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