Cop Blames Rapper Meek Mill For ‘Firing Blanks,’ Sues For $750,000

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Officer who stopped Meek Mill in 2012 is suing the rapper for 750000 because he is unable to find work and is shooting blanks. www.naturallymoi.com


Reported by Krystle Crossman

In October 2012, rapper Meek Mill was pulled over and had his car searched. The police officer stated that they smelled pot on the rapper. Even through a thorough sweep of the car, they came up with absolutely nothing. The Philadelphia police officers handcuffed him for refusing to let them search the car, which they did anyway.

Due to this inconvenience of the rapper, he missed a flight that was heading to a scheduled private appearance. The cancelled jet cost Meek Mill $22,000. The appearance was supposed to pay him $39,000. On top of that, he lost out on a deal with Puma that was worth $2 million. The company ended up only paying him $650,000 because of the bad press that was surrounding him due to the stop. He sued the city of Philadelphia for these lost wages, invasion of privacy, and false imprisonment.

Meek Mill lost the case against the city. He is not the only one who is crying foul though. The police officer that stopped him that night is now suing the rapper. He claims that he has had trouble finding work because of all of the bad press that he has gotten due to the rapper “bad mouthing” him all over town. The officer states that his character has been defamed by the rapper and that no one will hire him.

The police officer is suing Mill for $750,000. Not only does he say that he has lost wages over the last year because he has been unemployed, but he is also stating that he is having problems performing in the bedroom with his fiancé. It has all been too much for him and he claims that he is “firing blanks” as a result of the stress.



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