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Powerhouse brand Elizabeth Arden has decided to broaden its horizon by dabbling into the African Market. The classic brand started in the early 1900’s as a salon and soon after came Elizabeth Arden products which rapidly became recognizable across the globe. Upon her death, Mrs. Arden had successfully opened over on hundred salons which instilled her legacy in the industry long after her existence. Even now, the brand is going further by jumping on a wide open business venture other brands just can’t seem to tackle.

Since the brand has swept the United States market, and many other countries across the globe, taking on Africa seems like the only way to go. To help them on their exciting journey, the brand decided to bring in model Adeola Ariyo as their very first African ambassador. Ariyo isn’t the brands only black face, Lerato Moloi had the honor of being the brands first black rep where she campaigned the importance of African Americans using sunscreen.

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