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Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant Rails Against ‘Hοes’ From Pulpit

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger

Pulling from the words of R&B singer Chris Brown, a Baltimore pastor’s sermon targeted women Jamal Bryant2with derisive attαcks.

“These hοes ain’t loyal!” Pastor Jamal H. Bryant of the Empowerment Temple yelled as his congregation cheered and shouted in approval.

Bryant referred several times to the lyrics in Brown’s song of the same name, according to a story by the Smoking Gun. The article rιpped the pastor for his rant.

“The ‘Man of God’ doesn’t stop there, he also had words for ‘baby mamas’ and ‘sanctified sιssies’,” the article states. “With this level of misogyny permeating the ‘Word,’ it’s little wonder that Black women are leaving the church in droves.”

Bryant was previously exposed for infidelity to his then wife, leading to a highly publicized divorce.

In an interview with NewsOne’s Roland Martin, Bryant said the experience humbled him.

“I stepped, Roland, outside of my marriage and had an extramarital affair that ultimately ended in a divorce to an incredibly wonderful woman – not because anything was flawed in the marriage, or in her; but in my own immaturity for the level that I was getting ready to go into. And when that happened, I think I was one of the first – if not the first – I don’t want to take the honor – the first real black pastor to go through being castigated over the Internet.,” Bryant said in the interview.

Braynt also told Martin that he became a better person through the experience.

“I think I became a better person post the divorce than I was in the marriage. This journey has really been a process. She and I still are great friends and on two, different paths of life and are still able to operate in a meaningful way for the sake of friendship and parenting, but it was a necessary evil for me,” he said.

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