After Clerical Error, Father Still Sentenced to Jail for Late Child Support

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A Texas father spent six months in jail because of a clerical error involving his child support clifford_hallpayments.

Clifford Hall had set up his child support payments to be deducted from his paycheck, but somehow his employer failed to make the payments.

Hall says he was unaware that the payments weren’t being made until his ex-wife took him to court.

According to CBS, after Hall learned of the error, he paid his ex-wife the $3,000 he owed her plus $1,000 more.

“The money was withheld from me, they didn’t send it off for some strange reason,” Hall explained to local Texas affiliate KHOU.

Hall’s employer told the court that the mistake was on their end, but Hall was still sentenced to six months in jail.

According to Texas law, a person can be sent to jail even if they’ve paid their child support in full prior to the court date.

“The law says you can [no] longer cure an error with payment,” Hall’s appeals attorney Tyesha Elam explained. “The judge has the discretion to send you to jail.”

Hall was also in trouble with the court for keeping his child beyond the time allotted in the visitation order.

Hall said that he really only has his son’s best interest at heart.

“It’s not me I’m really worried about: it’s him,” Hall said.

“How is he going to be for the next six months? I can’t live not knowing am I going to jail today? Am I going to jail tomorrow? I want to get it over with,” he added.

Hall wept as he said goodbye to his son.

His lawyers plan to appeal the judge’s decision. Hall hopes other men will learn from his experience.