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Woman who drove her kids into the ocean has yet another baby

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By: Krystle Crossman

Ebony Wilkerson of South Carolina did the unthinkable in March. She took her minivan and drove it into the ocean with her three children strapped inside. She escaped from the car while her children screamed and pleaded for help as the waves took the van farther out to sea. People on the beach saw the incident and ran to help the children as quickly as they could. One child was 10, another was 9, and the third was just three years old. At the time Wilkerson was just 28 weeks pregnant as well. Family members said that she had just left her husband and was behaving erratically ever since.

Wilkerson was arrested a few short days later. She was held on $1.2 million bail. She is currently face three counts per child of child abuse and attempted second-degree murder. Wilkerson recently gave birth to her fourth child while she was in a psychiatric unit. When Wilkerson had been arrested she was seen beating her stomach in an attempt to harm the unborn baby. The newborn is currently in the care of other family members. It is unclear at this time as to where the other three children are living but an attorney who is representing Lutful Ronjon, the children’s father, stated that they are not with Ronjon.

During the harrowing rescue the men trying to save the three year old were having trouble getting to her due to the height of the water at that time. The water had come up over the hood of the car. They were trying to pull her from the driver’s door and were also trying to get her out through the hatchback. They were eventually successful. Wilkerson had almost been pulled under the van as she was trying to escape.

Wilkerson’s attorneys have hinted that they may be going for an insanity defense in the attempted murder and child abuse case.