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Woman was forced to give up one of her twins for being “cursed”

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

In the remote parts of Madagascar, on its southeast coast, live the Antambahoaka, a tribe that still believes in ancient taboos. One such taboo states that raising twins is unlucky and could even result in death. Therefore, should a woman give birth to twins she is expected to abandon them in the bushes.

Kiki King, reporter for Channel 4, went to Madagascar to film an episode for “Unreported World“. She met and interviewed Carolin, a mother of three sets of twins, who was paying a high price for choosing not to abandon her children.

Carolin has joined a small group of mothers and families who share the same fate as hers because they too refuse to give up their children. They all live in what King described as a “twin refugee camp” that consists of tents because they had been forced to abandon their homes and villages.

“We have had to move 30 times because no one would rent us a house. If my family saw me in the street they would ignore me, but nothing will make me give up my children,” Carolin said.

But not all women were as strong as these mothers. King tells of how they tracked a woman from a remote village who had abandoned her twin newborns just a week before. The 20-year-old woman, Cecile, said that she was “scared for her life” when they were born.

Interviewing another mother with a severely malnourished 7-months-old baby, Kiki found out that the mother couldn’t feed her child from both her breasts because doing so was considered a taboo in her village.

King goes on to report how her heart was touched by how little the families had to offer the children and how, later, she realized that what appeared to be major problems in the west were trivial and inconsequential when compared to the suffering these families had to go through.