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Wendy Williams: Real Housewives is “shaming” me as a black woman

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

Real Housewives of Atlanta” has just ended its sixth season and it did so with a bang. The show was able to break the record of the most watched episode in the history of franchises. A whopping 4.3 million viewers across the US were in front of their sets as the show aired its season finale.

But, although RHOA managed to attract the unprecedented amount of viewers, not all of them were entranced with, or even happy about, the cast.

One such person is Wendy Williams; and when Wendy Williams shares her thoughts about a show everyone listens.

The media and television expert made an appearance on HuffPost Live and had a few thoughts to share about the just-ended season of RHOA – and they weren’t nice thoughts. At least, they weren’t when it comes to the cast members whom she thinks should all be fired.

Williams started out by saying, “I’m turned off and I don’t consider myself some ‘highbrow’ person.”

“I’m just Wendy from New Jersey, but I’m also a grown woman,” the Jersey Shore native explained.

With the manner in which the “ladies” had been acting from the start to finish of the season, it didn’t need much explanation.

“And I feel like if you’re vocabulary is so small that you can’t find the words at 37-years-old to tell somebody about themselves , you gotta resort to running across a conference room table like a damn monkey, or punching them in the face, or throwing them in the pool, or throwing a wine bottle at them in the lake.”

“You’ve got a problem. And I’m turned off by that. Now you’re shaming me,” she said, “Not just as a black woman, but as a woman. Like, real ladies don’t fight … I think NeNe should be fired.
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With all the tongue wagging and fisticuffs that had been the norm, who could blame her?