Twin Girls Who Brutally Murdered Their Mom Sentenced to 30 Years In Prison

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Twins Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead discuss brutal attack that led to their mothers death.

Twins Tasmiyah (left) Jasmiyah Whitehead (right)

Reported by April Taylor

The grisly murder of 34-year-old Jarmecca Whitehead in January 2010 baffled investigators.  No one suspected that her own twin daughters, Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead, committed the crime.  The then 16-year-old twins had investigators so convinced of their innocence that the girls were consoled and treated as victims. Even the public was fooled into believing the girls were innocent, as a petition was started on their behalf calling for their release from prison.  A recent three-part series published by Atlanta’s WHAS 11Alive’s highlights how the girl’s web of lies eventually unraveled.

11Alive reports that the girls initially claimed to have walked in on the blοod-spattered crime scene after coming home from school.  Detectives in the case reported the scene was so blοody that the copper-iron smell of blοod was apparent as soon as the door to the residence was opened.  The mother’s body was found submerged in a bathtub with multiple stab wounds to her chest, back, and neck that had partially severed her spinal cord.

The first clue that something was wrong with the girls’ story was that detectives noticed they were wearing gloves in an attempt to hide cuts and bite marks on their hands, reported Rockdale Country District Attorney Richard Read.  After looking further into the matter, investigators uncovered that the girls had been two hours late for school that day after hitching a ride from a stranger at a nearby gas station.  There was also evidence at the crime scene that the girls had tried to hide evidence.  Investigators could smell bleach, and they also found some of the girls’ clothes in the washer and trash.  It was at this point that investigators decided to separate the girls for questioning.

It took months for police to get a confession from the teens. As investigators pressed them, they began to show signs of being nervous and agitated.  The girls tried to convince authorities that the bite marks on their hands and arms came from a fight between the two of them.  At one point, they even claimed the wounds were self-inflicted.

Once investigators had enough evidence of probable cause to arrest the girls, the car they rode in had a microphone put in it, and the conversation between the girls was not nearly as innocent as the act they had put on months earlier.  The two eventually confessed to the crime and accepted plea agreements that landed them 30 years behind bars on charges of voluntary manslaughter, falsification in a government matter, and possession of a knife in commission of a crime. The altercation sparked after the teens woke up late for school and their mother attempted to strike them with a pot to punish them for their disobedience.

The fact that the girls were juveniles when they committed the crime made them ineligible for the death penalty.



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