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This Woman Is 83-Years Old And She Is A Notorious Jewel Thief

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article-2482692-191D6C7E00000578-177_634x434By April Taylor

Most people have a hard time seeing an 83 year old woman as a criminal, but Doris Payne is not your average octogenarian.  The Daily Mail is reporting that, “Diamond Doris,” as she is called, has been a jewel thief for six decades.  She has stolen millions of dollars of jewels all across the globe.  Authorities have uncovered 20 aliases, nine dates of birth, and five social security numbers Payne has used to help her get away with her crimes.
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Payne is the daughter of a coal miner and a seamstress, but her criminal rap sheet makes one quickly forget her humble beginnings in Slab Fork, West Virginia.  Born in 1930, Payne originally wanted to be a ballerina, but was told that there were no black ballerinas.  Her experience with racism from a store clerk who quickly forgot about her to help a white patron when she was browsing in a store is what helped her come up with the method she came to use to get away with so many thefts.  Payne has developed quite the rap sheet; her Interpol file began in the 70’s, and her criminal record in the United States is reported to be more than 20 pages.

She has become so notorious that there was a documentary made about her entitled, “The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne,” which was produced by Kirk Marcolina.

In the documentary, Payne talks about how she never went into a store and was not able to walk out with what she wanted.  Interestingly enough, she states that she does not regret her career as a jewel thief; she only regrets getting caught.  After a judge was lenient in sentencing her to only five years in prison, Payne stole again, and is now facing two more years in prison as well as two years of probation once her sentence is served.  The judge handling the case says that administering justice to Payne is like dealing with Santa Claus’ wife because she is so charming and elderly.