This woman drank 8 glasses of water a day, here’s what happened

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

It might never be known for how long, but people have been trying various methods to try and lose some weight, improve their general health or do both. Many have sworn by their method of choice, some have proven that it works and others have even died from it.

One of the more commonly used diets is of the watery type. As a matter of fact, it’s all water and nothing more. People have sworn that drinking plenty of water regularly throughout the day helps a lot health-wise.

Now, Sabrina Bachai, a health care journalist, has gone ahead and put the water diet to the test. She says that she wanted to do the experiment after she saw a girl on Instagram who had “beautiful skin and beautiful hair” just because she drank three liters of water each day.

Three liters of water is the equivalent of eight 12-ounce cups and then some – and for one week, that is the amount that Bachai drank to fulfill her quest.

There were no changes made to her regular diet and she stuck to her normal gym routine. The only think she did was gulp down her water. To help her swallow more easily, Bachai used a straw.

Well, at the end of her week, she had amazing results to report.

Just like the girl on Instagram, Bachai says that her skin felt smoother and looked “fuller”. She also slept better and ended up losing two pounds.

She noticed that all the water she was consuming made her feel fuller, “I wasn’t snacking as much, so that helped curb my appetite a little bit. Because, a lot of times when you’re hungry, you’re not … you’re just thirsty.”

But, there was one drawback Bachai said, and it was that she had to go to the bathroom seven to eight times a day.

While Bachai’s experiment looks like it was a success, ABC’s chief health and medical editor, Dr. Richard Besser says that care must be taken to not get your hopes up too high.

“Drinking water to the extreme – really, there’s nothing to show that that will benefit you,” he said.

Dr. Besser also added that although three liters of water per day wouldn’t cause any damage, there have been cases where people have died from drinking too much water – something that is known as “water intoxication”.