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This man says black men need more white women

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

What do joblessness, homosexuality, immigration and the dearth of “eligible” black men in the US have in common? The answer, according to Republican strategist Raynard Jackson, is President Barack Obama. And how should it be resolved? Simple: by replacing black women with white ones.

No, seriously.

In an article that can, for lack of a better word, be called controversial, Jackson said that black women had turned their backs on black men by supporting President Obama and that now, only white women were the ones who could save them.

Jackson writes:

Historically, Black women have been notoriously protective of their men and children. It is ironic that Coulter and Ingraham, two conservative White women, are now assuming that role. We Black men need more White women like Coulter and Ingraham, not Black women who will give a pass to a failing Black president.

Basing his point on dismal unemployment statistics, the President’s support of LGBTQ community and his stance on immigration, Jackson said that he was undermining the desirability of black men in the eyes of black women simply because he was not addressing issues that were negatively affecting the black community.

Who gets hurt the most by amnesty, by continuing these immigration policies? It is low-wage workers, it is Hispanics, it is Blacks.

Jackson called out black women for supporting one man to the detriment of millions of others:

Black women complain about the state of “eligible” Black males to date and marry, yet they support the policies of a president who is going to make the problem much worse.

Obama has done more for same-sex marriage couples than he has for his same-race brothers and sisters. In fact, Newsweek dubbed him our first gay president – not for his sexual orientation, but for his relentless pandering to homosexuals.

You can read the full article here.