The Dream says he’s being accused of abuse because woman wanted to avoid deportation

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

R&B and pop producer, The-Dream, 36, is saying that his ex-girlfriend has falsely accused him of attacking her and that she has ulterior motives for doing so.

The motive, apparently, is that she is using an immigration law that allows victims of crimes to extend their stay in the US in case they are wanted to testify in court. His ex-girlfriend, Lydia Nam, has Canadian citizenship and, he claims, that she is accusing him of assault, strangulation, harassment and reckless endangerment to avoid being deported to Canada.

TMZ reports that according to the criminal complaint filed by Nam, The-Dream had punched and kicked her at New York’s Plaza hotel in April 2012. He also threatened to kill her “like O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown.”

The complaint also says that he dragged her by her hair, twisted her necklace around her neck, kicked and punched her in the head, grabbed her by the neck, pinned her to a wall and chocked her.

At the time, Nam was heavily pregnant with their son.

The-Dream was allowed to leave the Manhattan Criminal Court after posting a $20,000 bail. According to his representative, he had voluntarily surrendered to the Midtown North Precinct, where he was booked for two felonies (assault and strangulation) and three misdemeanors (assault, reckless endangerment and child endangerment), “in order to responsibly address the false allegations.”

The representative also said, “He is innocent of the charges filed against him today, and we are confident that when this case is concluded and all the evidence has been reviewed, it will be clear that he is innocent.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that some sources for Nam said The-Dream had a history of domestically abusing her and that she waited 7 months before reporting the incident because she was terrified of him.

TMZ also reported that it wasn’t the first time that The-Dream has been in trouble for domestic abuse. Last June, Nam declined to press charges after he was arrested for a similar incident.


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