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Tacky of what? Bridal Party performs drunk-in-love at the wedding

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A video of a bridal party giving a rousing performance of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” has gone viral with hundreds of shares on Facebook and Twitter.  The video was uploaded by Leenette Copling-Foster and was filmed at the May 24th wedding of Ashunti Copling and Rawlings Osei.

The bridal party wore spandex with splits that went up to the thigh and used the groomsmen as props who sat in chairs facing the women while they danced.  The bride, Ashunti Copling, danced in the center of the performance.

The video has drew mixed responses, with some people commending the performance and others voicing that the performance was not appropriate for a wedding.  The mixed responses are reminiscent of the reaction to Beyonce and Jay-z’s performance of the song at the 2014 Grammy Awards where some critics felt that it was too sexual, especially when children were watching, while others felt that it was an appropriate sexy display of love and attraction between two married people.
The song also stirred up controversy over lyrics that seem to promote domestic violence.  One of Jay-Z’s lyrics in the song make a reference to a real life event of domestic violence in Tina Turners life.  Her real name is Anna Mae, and the reference is a line from the film about her life story.
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  The line comes in when her husband Ike gets jealous about not being asked for his autograph, and he demands that she eat cake that she had already refused to eat.  After demanding that she eat the cake, he stands up and shoves it in her mouth.  The lyric is definitely not an illustration of the love and affection one would think they want portrayed in the songs being played at their wedding or reception.

Some of the comments on the YouTube posting of the video include a suggestion that the dance should have been performed at the bachelorette party instead of the wedding.  Another one of the comments asks, “Are they all thirsty and hungry or just having fun?”