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SNL makes a bunch of tasteless jokes about slavery

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SNL makes a bunch of tasteless jokes about slaveryAdded by James on May 5, 2014.Saved under Black News, Entertainment, News, Politics, videoTags: babies, black women, education, KFC, love, slavery, SNLPOSTWIDGET-TOPYou have to watch this video.  SNL decided to air a skit that was put together by the black women who are part of the show.  Apparently, they thought it was funny, but the black community does not.  The skit consists of a woman making jokes about being in slavery and popping out “super babies” for the master on her plantation.

You can see that the woman’s attempts at humor are somewhat benign, but you can also see the dangers of a lack of education, which can cause someone to look at the atrocities suffered by our ancestors and make a joke out of it for the descendants of those who engaged in this oppression.In other words, it is pretty strange and sick that black people are making white people laugh by making fun of the trauma suffered by their ancestors.   That’s like a man making jokes with the men who raped his mother and laughing about how she must have enjoyed the encounter.

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