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SNL does a funny skit about Solange and Jay-Z’s elevator incident

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Leave it to SNL to find a good skit to go with whatever people are talking about that week.  The network got wind of the big fight in the elevator between Jay-Z and Solange Knowles, and immediately got to work on their own interpretation of events.  Of course it was funny.

The all-black skit consists of Solange and Jay-Z sitting in chairs next to one another “issuing a statement.”  There is a bulky security guard behind the two to ensure that Jay-Z remains safe.  The two then go into a long explanation of the fight, and of course it’s BS.  Similar to their actual public statement, the two explain that everything is wonderful in their family and that the public should just leave them alone.  Solange then explains that she was only trying to knock a spider off of Jay-Z’s body when she kicked and punched him repeatedly.

The fight is still the talk of the town in NYC and across the nation.  The event broke the perfect image that the Knowles and Carter families have cultivated over the years.  The billion dollar empire that the family is standing on is one that is fragile to changes in public opinion, so they protect it carefully.  So, the punch fest between Jay-Z and Solange made national news mainly because it was such a shift from the norm that people had become accustomed to seeing .

Oh, by the way, Maya Rudolph does an excellent Beyonce impression.

Here is the video.  You can watch by hitting the image below: 

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