Saved By The Bell Star Returns To The Public Eye, But What’s Up With Her Makeup?

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article-2620245-1D8A1CC900000578-102_306x733by Barry Burch Jr.

Celebrities are sometimes able to stay away from the cameras for an extended period of time.  The problem they run into; however, is that after being gone for so long, their return becomes greatly anticipated.  Therefore whenever they do return to making public appearances, all the attention is on them – both positive and negative.

It has been nearly two years since “Saved by the Bell” actress Lark Voorhies was last seen in public.  The 40-year-old looked lovely in a white dress and silver stilettos as she attended the “Where We Started” premiere in Hollywood, California Friday night.  Her hair was down and straight, and the silver necklace she was wearing sparkled.

There was only one issue which prevented flawlessness – her makeup.  It is not too hard to tell from any of the pictures of Voorhies from Friday night that there was definitely something going on there.  Mail Online, referred to it as a “Foundation Fail.”

Overall, Voorhies seemed to be in a great mood, taking the time to stop and pose for pictures.

Back in the 90s, Voorhies played the role of Lisa Turtle on the show “Saved by the Bell.”  Unlike other stars on the show, outside of a minor role here and there, she decided to keep away from the spot light.  Mario Lopez, for example, played on the show and has gone on to have a successful television and movie career.

When Voorhies interviewed with People magazine in 2012, questions about her mental health arose.  She was described as “mumbling to herself, or to others who weren’t there,” as reported by  Voorhies has also written several strangely titled books, which, too, contributed to the notion of her mental instability.

Voorhies’ mother, Tricia, attempted to come to her daughter’s aide.  She said Voorhies was suffering from depression and was bipolar, as reported by Mail Online.  However, Voorhies denied her mother’s claims.

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