Revenge attack by masked gunman take the life of a newborn baby

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

Police are calling it a revenge attack: late Saturday night, masked gunmen burst into a suburban Atlanta home, chased three women and a baby into a bathroom and shot them. The women were critically injured, while the 9-month-old baby was killed.

According to DeKalb County Police Chief, Dr. Cedric Alexander, “Masked gunmen came into the home. The three women took the baby, rushed upstairs and tried to lock themselves in a bathroom.
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The gunmen kicked the door in and opened fire on them.”

There are reports that the three women, although seriously injured, are expected to survive. Their names were not released, but they are said to be aged 36, 23 and 21 years old.

Chief Alexander said, “The incident, we believe is a possible retaliatory act in response to the murder of the female, Alexis Malone that had occurred where her body was found earlier that day. It’s complicated. It’s insane … it’s insane.”

Apparently, Baby Kendarius Edwards was killed despite his mother’s attempts to protect him after the killers kicked in the bathroom door. The men never removed their black masks as they chased the women through the house.

Detectives have released the names of two teens, Cutrez “Lil Red” Johnson, 16, and Oslushla “Budda” or “Boo” Smith, 19. They believe that the suspects were responsible for the shooting death of Michael Phillips, 29, at a party on May 3rd and reside in the house where the three women and Baby Kendarius were shot. The two weren’t present at the time of the shooting.

A third man, Kemontay Cullins, 18, was also arrested on Sunday, in connection with the Phillips murder.

The investigators say that the gunmen were there for revenge against Johnson and Smith for the deaths of Phillips and Malone.

The investigators are also seeking a second witness to Phillips’ murder, Kayla Dixon.