Obama Says Although His Job is Wearing Him Down, Michelle Still Thinks He’s Cute

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President Obama admitted during a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago on Thursday that Obama at fundraiseralthough his job is hard, the one silver lining is that wife Michelle Obama still thinks he’s “cute.”

“So the job has been wearing me down a little bit, I admit, grey hear and all that. But Michelle still thinks I’m cute. She’s not ready to trade me in yet,” Obama joked.

In fact, Pres. Obama was full of jokes at the fundraiser, telling attendees, many of whom were friends, that they all “looked the same” and he looked like Morgan Freeman.

The president told the crowd that it was “good to be home, now that it’s warmed up.”

“It was a rough winter,” he added.

“But you guys – you look like you survived it, you’re not any worse for wear.”

The fundraiser was probably a good opportunity for Obama to get away from the controversy surrounding the Veterans Administration. Even Democrats, like Rep. Scott of Georgia, have called Obama to account for being passive in the face of such a tremendous scandal.

Although the president’s chief of staff says he is “madder than hεll” over the long waits at VA hospitals which led to the deαths of at least 40 veterans, heads haven’t exactly rolled.

“If these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable,” said Obama. “If there is misconduct, it will be punished.”

But Congressman Scott says it’s time for Obama to take responsibility.

“I listened to the President today, and I was very disappointed with President Obama today,” he said. “There was no urgency. Mr. President, we need urgency, we need you to roll up our sleeves and get into these hospitals!”