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Nomalanga: How women go about cheapening themselves beyond recognition

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By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

The funny thing about speaking to women is that if your views sound too conservative, you risk being called a woman who is “stuck in the 50s” and if you sound too liberal, you risk being called a woman who lacks self-respect and “has no values”. The key of course is to strike a balance between the two.

Yes, I do think it is inappropriate for women to walk around outside wearing clothes that are too revealing and leave little to the imagination. On the other hand, I also see nothing wrong with wearing a two piece bikini at the beach, or at the pool, while you’re on vacation. The key, once again, is balance and making sure that your dress and behavior are appropriate.

In my opinion, Jai Stone over at, sums it up nicely with the following “Ways Women Diminish Their Own Value”:

1. Freaky Pictures – posting freaky pictures on Facebook or texting illicit pictures to any Tom, d**k and Prince Harry is not the way to go. You never know where these images will end up or how they will affect you down the line. I recommend you reserve those kinds of things for men that are a permanent fixture in your life, not your boyfriend of 6 days.

2. Homemade P0rno Movies – for the same reasons as above, but tack on to the fact that one day your kid might get a hold of one of your self directed films… now THAT would be quite the show and tell at KinderCare.
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3. Over S*xualized Clothing – I’m all for being sexy and even showing a little skin. But at least 85% of your lady parts should be left to the fella’s imagination. Make him work for it, he will appreciate that and you all the more.