New Mexico Police Punish Woman by Spraying Mace In Her Vαgina

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New Mexico police used mace to spray Marlene Tapias private.


Reported by Krystle Crossman

New Mexico police officers have been known to get a little pushy sometimes. A woman named Marlene Tapia learned this the hard way after dealing with officers in an incident that has come to embarrass the entire police department.

Tapia had been arrested for violating her probation from an earlier drug charge. She stated that she was taken back into police headquarters and was forced into a strip search. When officers asked her to bend over, they spotted a baggie sticking out of her vαgina. Instead of having a doctor review the contents in her vαgina, officers resorted to punishing her by spraying mace at her genitαls.
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Tapia suffered a significant amount of physical pain as a result of the officers’ actions. She had to live with an infection for weeks. According to law officials, mace is only to be used when the police feel that there is a person who is dangerous to themselves or to others. Because of the chemicals in the substance, it is only to be used externally.

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on Tapia’s behalf against the officers.The lawsuit is not seeking any money for damages; however, it is seeking to stop police officers from malice behavior and abuse of authority. The ACLU hopes that this case will shed light on the fact that there is police brutality in New Mexico, and it needs to be stopped. Just days before this suit was filed, there were reports of police officers who forced  prisoners to undergo unnecessary surgeries that were very dangerous. One of the suspects was given a bill from the hospital where the surgery was carried out.