New Jersey Councilwoman Allegedly Has A Racist Diatribe On Tape

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burke_kimbleBy April Taylor

As if the recorded racist rant of Clippers owner Donald Sterling has not been enough, the Root is reporting that New Jersey Councilwoman Marie Strumolo Burke has a recorded racist rant of her own.  She is from Belleville, New Jersey, and she allegedly left a racist voicemail on a fellow council member’s answering machine. originally reported the story, and they are reporting that a Michigan based forensics lab has concluded that there is an 85 percent certainty that the person heard on the voice mail message is in fact Marie Strumolo Burke.  It is being reported that the message was left in response to a discussion regarding proposed changes to the tax rates in Bellville.  At the end of the message, Burke states, “This is terrible.  This is terrible.  This is gonna be a f—king n—gertown.”

What makes this incident more significant is that Burke is not just a councilwoman, she is also running for mayor.  The election for mayor is set to take place in June.  Fellow mayoral candidate and incumbent mayor Raymond Kimble is calling for Burke’s resignation.  However, Burke is alleging that the voice mail recording is the result of Kimble playing dirty politics, and even with the conclusion from the forensics lab, Burke is denying that it is her making the racist comments on the message.  Kimble reports that he received the tape of Burke’s racist outburst in October 2013, and Burke is using the fact that Kimble was in possession of the recording to allude to the idea that Kimble may have manufactured the recording and that there is not truth to it.  She has even stated that there was not need for thousands of dollars to be spent for voice analysis to determine if she is the one who left the message.  Hopefully voters will side with the fact that a forensics team did in fact conclude that it is most likely her on the tapes and choose to not elect someone who clearly is racist.