Mother Cracks Six-Year-Old Son’s Skull In Brutal Beating For Bad Grades

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Latasha Green beat her six year old son so bad over bad grades that he suffered a cracked skull damaged pancrease and cuts.

Latasha Green

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Latasha Green felt that her six-year-old son was not living up to her standard when he brought home his report card. The child had an “N” which stands for “Needs Improvement” in one of his subjects. Green decided that beating her child was the best way to punish him. The next day, the child was sluggish and kept vomiting throughout the day at school.

The young boy was brought to Le Bonhuer Children’s Hospital in Memphis, where medical professionals found a crack in his skull, cuts on his body, and a damaged pancreas. The police reported that the boy was punched, hit in the face, and kicked by his mother. She was arrested and released on a $25,000 bond. She would not speak with any reporters when they came to talk to her at her home.

Her neighbor, Tamika Matthews, states that it is disgraceful and very sad to hear that a mother would do this to her child over bad grades. She said that there are different ways to deal with a child when they get bad grades and beating them is definitely not one of them.

Green is set to appear in court on May 29th. She is being charged with aggravated child abuse. In the state of Tennessee’s Haley’s Law (39-15-402), abuse of a child under the age of eight years old is considered a Class A felony. The abuse is considered aggravated if it results in serious bodily harm to the child. In this case, a cracked skull and damage to the pancreas is considered serious bodily harm. If convicted of a Class A felony charge Green would face a fine of up to $50,000, as well as a prison sentence of  15 to 60 years. The child is currently recovering at the hospital.

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