Meet the 5-Year-Old Hero Who Saved Her 90-Year-Old Caretaker’s Life

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Five year old Jaylee Monteith called 911 when her babysitter 90-year-old Mildred Morris tumbled down the stairs.

Jaylee Monteith (left), Mildred Morris (right)

Reported by Krystle Crossman

One five-year-old girl in Asheville, NC is receiving high praise and many thanks from her 90-year-old babysitter Mildred Morris. Jaylee Monteith reacted quickly but calmly through an emergency situation that occurred at her home.

While bringing laundry down the stairs, Morris took a tumble. Jaylee sprang into action when she noticed that her caretaker was injured. She grabbed the phone and called 911 right away. After that, she ran over to the neighbor’s house and told them to come quick because Morris had hurt herself. Fortunately, Morris only needed stitches for the head injury that she sustained from falling; but if little Jaylee hadn’t called 911 when she did or run to get the neighbor, the outcome could have been worse. Morris had been bleeding from the head after the fall. She said that the blοod was pouring so quickly that she could have had a serious problem on her hands if she were not immediately rescued.

Morris credits herself and Jaylee’s parents for teaching the young girl how to use 911 properly. She also states that Jaylee is not in kindergarten yet, so everything that she learned came straight from the household. They are all very proud of her for remaining calm under pressure.

Teaching your children the proper time to call 911 is very important. You do not want them to call 911 when it is not an emergency. Doing this could waste time and resources that could’ve been allocated to a real emergency. It’s important to teach them about the visual and physical signs of someone who is ill or physically injured enough to call a medical personnel. Teaching them how to remain calm in a situation like that is also important as well. Morris is very happy and feels proud that Jaylee has listened to what she has taught her and retained that information.