Maya Angelou Says Donald Sterling’s White Skin Couldn’t Protect Him

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Renowned poet and author Maya Angelou didn’t allow her recent health troubles to prevent her from Maya Angeloudiscussing the controversy surrounding Donald Sterling. Angelou, 86, sat down with Armstrong Williams, executive editor of American Currentsee, to share her feelings on Sterling’s lifetime ban.

“Do you realize that even 25 years ago, had he done this there would be nothing, there would be a few heads turning maybe,” Angelou told Williams.

“But do you realize that this man has been banned? With all of his money and all of his history and the white skin which covers his whole body,” she added.

Angelou also says we shouldn’t be fooled into believing that racism has gone away just because some people aren’t nearly as overtly racist as they once were.

“I say we have come far, this man is a throw-forward, that’s all, not a throwback. There are many people like [Mr. Sterling] who in person would say, ‘I accept your award, and thank you for caring and thinking of me as an equal,’ but in private, if you could catch them on an iPad or Twitter or something, your ears would burn…Ignorance is afoot, and it’s not going away easily.”

Angelou’s immense wisdom is nothing new to fans of her literary work, but at least once she’s missed the mark where the issue of race is concerned.

In a New York Times op-ed titled “I Dare to Hope”, Angelou supported the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court based on the belief that his race would overcome his opposition to civil rights. Unfortunately, Angelou was wrong about Thomas. He has remained staunchly conservative while on the Supreme Court.