Judge tells man that he’s not allowed to have anymore kids

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By: Krystle Crossman

Asim Taylor has been accused of being a deadbeat dad. In January of 2013, the then 35 year old was told by a judge in Ohio that he was banned from having any more children. Judge James Walther gave Taylor a five year ban from having any more children and told him that he had to prove that he was financially stable and providing for the four children that he already owes almost $100,000 in child support for. The judge was so disgusted by Taylor’s lack of care about the child support that he made this ruling. The question is, is the judge right or wrong for banning Taylor from reproducing? Is he infringing on his rights?

Taylor will be imprisoned for a year if he violates the judge’s order. Taylor’s lawyer, Doug Merrill, feels that this is taking away his client’s right to procreate. He argued with the judge saying that the only way that Taylor could make sure that he doesn’t have any more children is to abstain from having s*x. He also stated that should Taylor get someone pregnant, he may have to make her feel pressured to get an ab0rtion because he is not allowed to have any more kids. Merrill plans on appealing the ruling. Taylor stated that he doesn’t pay child support through the courts, but he does take care of his four children.

The ruling was sent to the appeals court, where Judge Donna Carr agreed with Judge Walther and supported the sentence. She stated that he had a history of being irresponsible and also did not show any remorse for the things that he has done in the past. There have been other states that have handed out the same type of judgment on people who could not be responsible with their children.

Do you feel this is infringing on his basic rights to have s*x and procreate or is the judge correct with their ban?


In Financial Lovemaking, Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown ask:  Should a man be allowed to keep having kids if he can’t afford to take care of the ones he has?

Tell us what you think.

Should a man keep having babies if he can’t afford them?

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